About King Context.

In short: on context, (streaming) (big) data & information architecture.

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Confluent3 alpine-based docker images

Just a quick note to communicate the availability of the confluent.io streaming data platform alpine-based docker images for confluent-3.0.0.

The sources are availabe in the repo branch alpine. The images are pushed to the docker hub with a tag confluent3-alpine-min. No need to build them yourself, just use:

  • kingcontext/confluent-platform:confluent3-alpine-min
  • kingcontext/confluent-zookeeper:confluent3-alpine-min
  • kingcontext/confluent-kafka:confluent3-alpine-min
  • kingcontext/confluent-schema-registry:confluent3-alpine-min
  • kingcontext/confluent-rest-proxy:confluent3-alpine-min
  • kingcontext/confluent-tools:confluent3-alpine-min