About King Context.

In short: on context, (streaming) (big) data & information architecture.

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Confluent2 docker images

If you want to use the confluent.io streaming data platform docker images for confluent-2.0.0, here are some pointers.


Starting from a forked github repo I pushed the platform images for confluent-2.0.0 to the docker hub with a tag confluent2. So there’s no need to build them yourself, just use:

  • kingcontext/confluent-platform:confluent2
  • kingcontext/confluent-zookeeper:confluent2
  • kingcontext/confluent-kafka:confluent2
  • kingcontext/confluent-schema-registry:confluent2
  • kingcontext/confluent-rest-proxy:confluent2
  • kingcontext/confluent-tools:confluent2

Note that I also upgraded the images to use Java 8.


For those of you that like minimal container images, I also created a variant based on alpine. This is again confluent-2.0.0 with Java 8, but it has kafka connect removed to further reduce the image size, resulting in images of 223Mb.

The sources are availabe in the repo branch alpine. Images are pushed to the docker hub with a tag confluent2-alpine. So again, no need to build them yourself, just use:

  • kingcontext/confluent-platform:confluent2-alpine
  • kingcontext/confluent-zookeeper:confluent2-alpine
  • kingcontext/confluent-kafka:confluent2-alpine
  • kingcontext/confluent-schema-registry:confluent2-alpine
  • kingcontext/confluent-rest-proxy:confluent2-alpine
  • kingcontext/confluent-tools:confluent2-alpine